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not even close to finished [24 Mar 2007|06:19pm]

Ok, so really im just posting this to get that bitch of a maintainer off my back, (jk) anyways, this is my pet project that i use when im bored or if the muse strikes, whatever, comments are helpful.


It was 8:30 in the morning and Jim stood alone on the street corner tapping his foot impatiently. It was raining lightly and thanks to the wind no matter how he held his umbrella Jim would get slapped in the face by tiny raindrops. He could feel each one drip down his neck and down his shirt, promising that by the time he got to work he would be soaked from the inside out. He exhaled loudly as if it would help and cursed himself for not living on the other side of the street. Every day, no matter what time it was he would miss the light and wait at the corner he had dubbed ‘the corner of purgatory.’ That read hand mocked him as it allowed cars that didn’t exist to whiz past him. Everyday he told himself he would just go, just cross and jay-walking laws be damned. It actually wasn’t really the fear of a stiff ticket that forced him to stare at his red, glowing nemesis. In all honesty it was the irrational fear that the moment his foot left the safety of the sidewalk a speeding car would smash into the side of his body, breaking him in half leaving his last seconds of life filled with pain and agony before eternal slumber. So instead he stood and he waited, tapping his foot and checking his watch as if it would do any good at all. Every now and then he would throw in an exasperated sigh, just to let no one know that he was annoyed.
Finally after an eternity, well, six minutes he was finally allowed to cross the street where his next challenge would be avoiding conversation with the inhabitants of his bus stop. There were five in total and it was a toss up as to which one it would be. Jim never learned any of their names, they never came up. It was as if they already knew each other but never saw each other for more than ten minutes a day. The only conversation would be small talk about absolutely nothing. It was as if no one could stand silence even for more than a minute. The only upside was that today was Monday. On Mondays Jim could rest assured that whichever one of the bus stop dwellers got to him first would prattle incessantly about everything they did over the weekend. This meant that Jim would probably be trapped for the entire length of his bus trip hearing about nothing, but it also meant that he wouldn’t have to add anything to the conversation. He could sit in silence and pretend to listen. This, while annoying, was the best case scenario.
A pessimist by nature Jim always assumed the worst. He had accepted that long ago and began looking at situations as best or worst case scenarios. Even the best case scenarios would still usually make him want to jab a pen through the side of his head just so that there was a valid reason for the dull throb that haunted his brain. Truth be told Jim did not really hate his life and he certainly wasn’t ready to die, things just hadn’t really panned out for him the way he had hoped. When he was younger Jim had always known he was what many would call a nerd. He hated sports and going outside in general and would avoid both at all costs while this didn’t get him invited to the cool kids’ birthday parties it did allow him to develop intellectually at an almost exponential rate. While other kids would run to the kick ball field for recess, Jim would sneak to the library and read or play chess with the school librarian. In high school his case of social leprosy only worsened as a full load of honors classes kept him from interacting with anything that wasn’t a text book save for the brief conversations with his teachers.

And it begins... [07 Mar 2007|09:31am]

The best thing about my new job is that I can work at my own pace. That means that half the time I'm not working at all. That leaves plenty of time to work on creating this here lj community. So let the first story be recorded...

A Genius Lost

Once upon a time, in a far away land known as Haleytropolis, there was a girl with a desperate hunger for knowledge. She wanted to know everything there was to know. She wanted to know everything about nothing just so that she was never left empty handed should the subject arise in her daily life. The other kids mocked her, they didn't understand why she would spend her time learning during recess instead of playing kickball with the rest of them. The girl didn't care. She knew that while she was misunderstood by her peers it was simply because she was superior to them. She often studied the other children while they were playing. She would think of them as animals, placed in front of her for her own personal amusement, chasing after various toys as well as eachother. She didn't see the point. If you want the ball why not just ask for it? Why must it be kicked as far as possible just so that someone else can run after it and kick it back. It was clear to her that the children lacked some essential forms of communication. She would imagine herself in a different era. She saw them in a time where they were neanderthals and she was the first to have a brain larger then a pea. In her head she would imagine them following her around in awe as she did simple things like walking upright and tying her shoes. They would worship her, she would be their God.

The bell would ring, she would return to reality, and go back to class. School also seemed to be tedious and pointless to her. Why was she in a class that she could be teaching? Why was the current teacher such an idiot? The girl did not understand this either. She often argued with the teacher regarding the current curriculum and it's lack of challenging content. The teacher hated her and the girl knew it. The girl looked forward to the end of the day when she could skip over to the local college campus and sit in on one of the evening lectures. It was there that she felt the most at home. She learned of religion, economics, physics, and the world. She found
philosophy classes where she could even learn about nothing! It was a dream come true, the only place that could feed her the knowledge that she hungered for! Unfortunately, the lectures did not last all night and she would eventually be forced to go home only to return the following evening.

Her parents were travelers, they were rarely home. This was in part due to the fact that they could not stand their own daughter. She was intelligent to the point of obnoxious and treated them as though they were guests in their own house. The girl was oblivious to the terms for their travel, so she appreciated this, for though she was a child in years, she enjoyed living and thinking as an adult. Upon arriving home she proceeded to follow her normal routine. She made herself a sandwich for dinner and decided to watch a bit of CNN before going to bed. It would be on this particular evening that her childhood would be made a permanent situation.

As she sat on the couch learning of current events and enjoying her sandwich, she failed to notice the soft sound of a door shutting. Just after the second it became to late, she saw the shadow. A tall, dark figure, coming at her from behind at an all to quick pace. Suddenly she was gasping for the air that was being stolen from her by thick hands wrapped in leather gloves. Her arms and legs flung about trying to save her, trying to find anything that would stop the pain. Her face grew red and her vision began to blur as water began to build in her eyes. It was not in her nature to cry but as the circulation to her brain diminished she felt the knowledge going with it. As she felt her body go limp and her eyes turn to black, she had her last happy thought..."Now I even know what it feels like to die."

The End.

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